Monday, February 10, 2014

I keep forgetting about this

So its been awhile since my last post or only post for 2014. What can I say I either go away from Enschede on the weekends and usually forget to write a post (sorry). So I finally have been to the west side of the Netherlands (Alkmaar, Rotterdam, Amsterdam). Rotterdam and Amsterdam are the bigger cities.

I guess I can say Rotterdam is very modern since the city was bomb during WWII. The architecture there is very interesting (very mismatch). Its a nice city with lots of diversity. I also got my friend to try vietnamese food for the first time (which he liked).

I would describe Amsterdam like a big US city. Even though the city isn't big, but there were a lot of people (tourist). And every where I turn there was a fast food joint like McDonalds (hahaha). I found a lot of history about the city. Did you know marijuana is illegal in the Netherlands? Even though since its illegal, it is tolerated by the people. So that's why people come here to do try that stuff. The Netherlands has one of the lowest users for marijuana (which was surprising). And prostitution is legal here. You could actually just have that as your job.

And another thing I only have 7 months left in Europe. I feel sad and happy thinking about it. Sad for leaving because I met a lot of people traveling and it will be hard to see them again when I leave. Happy for coming home to see everyone. A thought been in my mind lately, which is to do another au pair job in a different country or go home. I fight with that everyday. If I do decide to stay, I would probably go to Italy, but I don't think I can be away from home for so long. A year is long enough. Either way with what come out after September, I will be happy with the decision. It's not my decision to make, its God, wherever he puts me I will be happy with that (either in europe or back home). I do miss the little things of home like friends and family and just being able to jump in my car and go anywhere I want.

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