Monday, February 10, 2014

I keep forgetting about this

So its been awhile since my last post or only post for 2014. What can I say I either go away from Enschede on the weekends and usually forget to write a post (sorry). So I finally have been to the west side of the Netherlands (Alkmaar, Rotterdam, Amsterdam). Rotterdam and Amsterdam are the bigger cities.

I guess I can say Rotterdam is very modern since the city was bomb during WWII. The architecture there is very interesting (very mismatch). Its a nice city with lots of diversity. I also got my friend to try vietnamese food for the first time (which he liked).

I would describe Amsterdam like a big US city. Even though the city isn't big, but there were a lot of people (tourist). And every where I turn there was a fast food joint like McDonalds (hahaha). I found a lot of history about the city. Did you know marijuana is illegal in the Netherlands? Even though since its illegal, it is tolerated by the people. So that's why people come here to do try that stuff. The Netherlands has one of the lowest users for marijuana (which was surprising). And prostitution is legal here. You could actually just have that as your job.

And another thing I only have 7 months left in Europe. I feel sad and happy thinking about it. Sad for leaving because I met a lot of people traveling and it will be hard to see them again when I leave. Happy for coming home to see everyone. A thought been in my mind lately, which is to do another au pair job in a different country or go home. I fight with that everyday. If I do decide to stay, I would probably go to Italy, but I don't think I can be away from home for so long. A year is long enough. Either way with what come out after September, I will be happy with the decision. It's not my decision to make, its God, wherever he puts me I will be happy with that (either in europe or back home). I do miss the little things of home like friends and family and just being able to jump in my car and go anywhere I want.

Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year, New blog

So this blog has been on hiatus lately. I been busy traveling for 2 weeks and now I am exhausted, but I am glad to be back in Enschede. I enjoy the traveling but I also miss the kids.

I was in Denmark for about a week and it was very nice getting to meet my cousins, uncle and aunt for the first time. And can I say "Vietnamese" traditional food is amazing. I miss eating "pho" and all the other good food. It was very nice to be spoil for a week with awesome food. Then after that week was over I took a bus from Hamburg, Germany to Budapest, Hungary. It was a 20 hour trip (the bus was not comfy to sleep in)

Budapest was a amazing and it starting to get me interested about the history of Eastern Europe. Hungary government is still very young like most of other Eastern European countries. There democratic government is only 25 years old. I also met some awesome people there even some Americans. After ringing in the new year in Budapest, it was time to head to Antwerp. I took a train to Munich and spent the night there in a hostel then was about to carpool with another person to Bonn which was close to Koln so I could catch my train to Belgium.

Getting to Antwerp was a pain. When I got into Leuven, the station was shut down due to the storm and lightning hitting something there. Of course I was not use to hearing french, I had no idea what was going on. So after taking a bus to another town, I was finally on the train to Antwerp. I was very exhausted by that point. Antwerp is very nice and pretty. I rode the ferris wheel again and I was not as scared as the first time (when I was at ocean/worlds of fun). And I also got a chance to ice skate (that has been a while.) I didn't take a lot of picture in Antwerp.
The statue explaining how the city got their name

The view from the ferris wheel

I met Alex in Budapest and saw her again in Antwerpen. She is american

So now I am back and back to work and lots of laundry to do. No more big trips until my next holiday which is the end of February.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Upcoming adventures

So I am happy to write about my upcoming adventures. Its a blessing to be able to have to travel. Especially within the next couple of weeks. I will be visiting 3 countries within 2 weeks from Dec 21 to Jan 5. I hope it won't stress me out that much to be able to travel that much.Luckily I don't need to back in Enschede in between my travels because my host parents are also home for those dates.

I can't wait to see my uncle for the first time and meet my cousins also. It will be a good family Christmas after all. They live in Sonderborg, Denmark. So I will be taking a train from here to a town in northern Germany which is close to where the live to be pick up. Then its off to Budapest, Hungary to ring in the new years then after it will be attending an event in Antwerp, Belgium then heading home.

I was lucky enough to go to a Christmas market today with a friend. It was amazing. It was located in Munster, Germany which is an hour car ride away. The city centre look like a story book with all the buildings and their architecture. It was like walking in a dream or just seeing a puzzle. The buildings where very nice and it was very beautiful to look at. The market was nice. I tried some warm wine with different spices in there. Its called "ghuhwein," it had a taste that I was not use too, but it was good and something new to try.

My first "Ghuhwein" and I got to keep the mug

Got to listen to some church music

The organ.. amazing

Who is this??... Its Santa Claus

I got to be on the sled in front of Santa

In front of manger

Friday, November 29, 2013

Its been 2 months

It has been 2 months now. And oh wow, it have been a good experience so far. Yeah I know I haven't update this lately, just because I found the week to be boring or me being to tired from traveling.

The last couple of week has been busy since my last post. The baby was home every day with me well except Thursday. I felt like I didn't have enough time to myself at some time. But with her being here made it more fun because I love spending time with her. And this Sunday the family is celebrating SinterKlaas. He is like Santa Claus but he comes from Spain. Sinterklaas ends on Dec 5. So with tradition, the kids set their shoes under the fire place and they wake up the next morning to find presents. Its like Christmas but early. Sinterklaas actually means Saint Nicholas.

This weekend I won't be going any where because I have to work tomorrow so I have today off. Hopefully after this weekend I can go to the Christmas Market in Germany, I heard they are really big and its really nice there. And I can't wait to go ice skating with the boy... He tell me he is really good so he can teach me how to ice skate, hopefully I don't hurt myself.

So yesterday was Thanksgiving and of course here in Holland they don't celebrate Thanksgiving because its an American thing. But I was glad to be able to face time my family and some friends. I miss not being there to celebrate but I am always thankful for what God has given me so far. I think the toughest thing about being away would be not being there for the holiday season and I miss Christmas songs on the radio. Most people here don't decorate for Christmas until after Sinterklaas is over. I feel like time is just flying by now.

That its for now.. I hope you guys had an awesome Thanksgiving and was able to watch some football =). Love you all and miss you

Monday, November 11, 2013

a late post indeed

Sorry... Due to this weekend I did not have time to post a new blog by Saturday. During the week was normal. I turned 25 last Tuesday and it was very nice. I was homesick because it was my birthday and I miss all my friends and family.

Infront of the Couch Surfing graffiti with the group
 I traveled to Eindhoven this weekend for Glow. It was very fun and I met a lot o people. I did couch surfing which is a good way to meet the locals and meet other travelers. The pictures will be on facebook.

It was nice to finally getting out of Enschede. I also took the train for the first time (eek). It was a little scary at first because everything was in Dutch. Luckily I met a girl on the train that helped me out. She was just heading home to her parents for the weekend. I think she said she is 19 and of she thought I was like 20 or 21. I think I have gotten that a lot here. I think getting use to taking the train now. It was pretty easy. I can't wait for more trips =).

To sum up... This weekend was really fun and exciting to start off my traveling.. There are more places to go later and I can't wait.

Much Love

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Really feel like not writing....

This week has been normal and boring to a point with work. The mom is gone all this week with being in DC and won't come back until Friday. Which means the baby is here with me all this week but I am hoping she will go to daycare for part of the day on Monday and Tuesday. I only can handle so much of her time and trying to get work done. The baby is sick now, with a ear infection. I am praying that I don't get sick from her.

What I am looking forward to is my birthday and also to go to Eindhoven on the 9th. Its going to be the first birthday away from Iowa and from family and friends. I can't believe I will be 25 (I think I will write a special blog on my birthday). I'm not sure what I am doing yet but I hope its going to be fun and well details will come that night. I also think that day will be hard for me because I won't have you guys here with me and not being able to do my traditional out to dinner with the girls for my birthday. I cannot wait to take the train (yes its weird but I haven't been on a train.)

I should end it for now because I have nothing else to write beside telling you guys about the weather here (which is warmer then Iowa right now.) But with the rain and the wind its cold. I miss you guys lots.

Much love till next time

Sunday, October 27, 2013

A month has gone by pretty fast....

So this week was a pretty easy and quiet week. The boy is on vacation from school so mom and dad are home this week also. I only have to do some of the light house work and setting up tables, some cooking, and laundry this week. Other than that I have been enjoying my free time mostly biking or being outside and also hanging out with my new friends.

My winter coat
I got my first birthday present from my host mom. She bought me a new winter coat when we went shopping in Germany. That night we went to eat at a 5 course restaurant. It was very good but I had to stop at 4. I couldn't have anymore food. I also started to clothes shop again (yikes) meaning I will have to get rid of clothes before I leave. Which I am going to donate the clothes I won't take with me home to the church. I know jeans here are gonna be hard to find because they mostly have skinny jeans for girls.

I went to my first women's time at church and it was very good. It was nice to have my life fill with godly women. I miss New Life and all the women who have inspired me and been there for me. You guys change my life in a way that I never thought was possible 

Was stuck behind this truck for about 10 minutes I think
I was able to visit the Dutch army base this Saturday with my friend. It was good and it was nice to have a Saturday away from Enschede. I also went to buy a birthday card and a present for the boy who is finally 10. My friend help write in Dutch a good birthday wish.

I been reading (still reading) my book "Beyond Boundaries," its taking awhile for me to finish but I feel like every chapter means something to me. So I been reading it when I don't feel right for some reason. I guess that it is for now. Talk to you guys later =)